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"Patriotism means to stand behind your country. It does not mean to stand behind the president or any other public official"

- Theodore Roosevelt



                         Objectives and Goals


Help establish and support to our Hispanic Republican Youth in High Schools, Community Colleges, and Universities.


Establish and fund a Hispanic Republican Club Voter Registration Action Plan which includes an Incentive Program for those who participate in registering new Republican Voters.


Provide training and opportunity for those who want to learn about political engagement. Provide opportunity for Internships with elected officials.


Train and mentor opportunities for young adults to participate in all aspects of a politics.


Set an Action Plan for next targeted race in Orange County.

Recruit and support candidates for upcoming elections.


1.     Assist in gathering signatures to qualify for ballot.


2.     Training for all filing and reporting documents.


3.     Provide voter information and resources for their race.


4.     Provide volunteers and resources.


5.     Create and distribute mailers for republican candidates.


Establish Scholarships for young people going through our program.


Please support the California Hispanic Republican Club PAC and all the County Chapters with your financial support with your financial commitment.


Make your check payable to the California Hispanic Republican Club PAC and send it C/O David Hernandez, PO Box 9694, North Hollywood, CA 91609.

Contributions are not tax deductible but vital to our success.


Paid for by the California Hispanic Republican Club PAC ID # 1426134


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